Sunday, July 29, 2007

Scenic Drives In The Western Part Of Canada

August is just around the corner and since most RVers have their trips to the north already planned, this post will be one of the last two highlighting the RVing Canada Blog 2007.

John and I recently returned from a memorable scenic trip to Western Canada. The vistas and sights en route were nothing short of awesome. Below I highlight a few of the pictorial delights we witnessed. However to view our complete trip, take a look at the numerous pictures in my Picasa Albums (Best viewed as a Slideshow).

Although each province features numerous spectacular drives, the mountain terrain of the British Columbia Rockies offers a massive selection of one of a kind scenery. It is impossible to mention all the places we saw. The general scenery throughout BC was nothing short of breathtaking at every turn.

En route west we drove through Rogers Pass and the Kicking Horse Pass (the elevated bypass bridge will be completed soon) to Kelowna.

Near the end of our time in Canada's most western province, the route from Kelowna to Radium Hot Springs made for another rewarding day of travel. We left the Hot Springs for Calgary, Alberta, via the gentle Vermillion Pass in the Kooteney National Park. Every drive was nothing short of outstanding in its own right and of course we saw our share of wildlife along the way.

In Alberta, the vistas from Banff or Canmore to BC along the Trans Canada Highway were inspirational, even in the foggy wet weather we encountered - the road snaked out in front of us.

The mural on the back of our motorhome was taken on Highway 11 from Rocky Mountain House to 'The Crossroads' midway between Banff and Jasper. That route too is a photographers dream.

We found similar sites along the Trans Canada highway throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba, although the hills – yes there were more hills than we remembered – were not as steep as those in the west. That drive too continued to be varied and interesting. Canola fields were everywhere.

Our journey from the Manitoba border to Sault Ste Marie, Ontario was simply spectacular, especially on a brilliant cloudless sunny day. The entire route overflowed with lakes, trees, hills, and a winding hypnotic highway. If this leg of the journey had been 3-5 hours, it would have been an extremely moving experience, however the 18-20 hour trip made for two very long days of nothing but beautiful scenery.

On the good side of things, the main roads for the most part ranged from good to excellent and before long, the entire route west will be 4-lanes – much of it already is. So, no matter where you travel north of the border, expect to see an abundance of secluded scenery. Tomorrow I’ll highlight several eastern routes that no RVer should miss. If an RV getaway to Canada is not in the cards for this year, why not consider it for next? Travel safe and see you down the road. Peggi


  1. Toured BC, YT, and Alaska in Mar. '05. Beautiful, even with snow all around, had no difficulty in driving anywhere. Would be interested in how you (or whoever) applied mural to back of your RV

  2. Very beautiful photographs! I love that area and all of the West Coast, Northern Cal on up into B.C. and plan to spend time up there A.S.A.P.! One of my daughters was born in Washington State and I've never forgotten the beauty of the countryside. How did you get that beautiful mural on the back of your MH? I love it! and I will want one on my next RV.